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Music Recording Studio

SPLYCE Studios is a professional recording studio located in Los Angeles, California. It features a professionally acoustically treated room with carefully calculated bass traps, hanging clouds, sound diffusers and almost no room noise for beautiful crisp and clear recordings for vocals and instruments. It also features a 49 inch 5K 240hz refresh rate monitor as the main hub of the system, along with the Universal Audio Apollo X6, both with USB -C Plug and Play settings. The desk is positioned with two Adam Audio A77x speaker monitors, along with a KRK SubWoofer and the PreSonus Monitor Station V2. We have microphone options which include a Neumann U87ai, a Neumann TLM-49, Shure SM7B's, and a Slate Digital ML-1 Emulation Microphone. These run through a Never Portico II Channel Strip and into a Mac Studio Ultra.


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