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Beautiful Midtown Mixed-use Recording Studio

Welcome to The Studio. I use this room as a recording studio, but it can easily be called a media room, a photo studio, an interview room, a podcast​/​videocast setting, (I have three proprietary large-diaphragm mics for podcasts), a meeting place, a talk show set, a rehearsal room, or a remote working desk for any professional. Located just off Herald Square, my 400 sqr ft. studio is near all the subways: 1​/​3, N​/​R, F​/​M, A​/​C​/​E, and PATH trains. It's comfortably furnished and tastefully lit; perfect for almost any use. There is an isolation booth and lots of recording gear (As I mentioned, I use it to record voice-overs and singers mostly)- but it's really like a West Elm Showroom with microphones. It's perfect for any remote worker; designer, photographer, architect, videographer... any freelancer with a laptop: there is a BIG desk that can accommodate a laptop or computer monitor. The room is newly carpeted, freshly painted, and has comfortable seating, a medium-sized refrigerator, a Keurig coffee machine (coffee included!) plus a luxurious upholstered suede wall. Check out the pics, they are recent. You are welcome to use any of my gear. I have an Apogee Duet audio interface that works with most DAWs. My microphones, guitars, keyboards, and studio monitors are also yours to plug in. I do ask my self-engineering clients to bring their own laptop + software. (If you want to use my computer for your session, you'll need to hire me as your engineer). Usually, after an inquiry, a brief chat is necessary to make sure everything is compatible and the room is ready to go for your project. It's a super warm and comfortable space, great for one person or a small group for just about any purpose. I hope you'll love it.


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